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Arrived on earth a century after the great forty-niner gold rush.

Graduated from the army film school that was then at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. (1969 for Still Photography & 1972 for Motion Picture.)  Afterward, I served as a motion-picture cameraman and still photographer in the United States Army Signal Corps. Some of my most notable military photography assignments were:

a) 1971~72 Documenting the armistice meetings in Panmunjom Korea while being stared down by North Korean soldiers with watchful eyes full of hate.

b) 1977~78 Still and motion-picture documentation of army weapons, explosives, and equipment testing at sub-zero temperatures under beautiful Aurora Borealis at the Cold Regions Test Center, Fort Greely, Alaska without losing any fingers, or toes.

c) 1972~77 & 1985~87 Making and editing 16mm medical training film productions to include film documentation of new surgical procedures and forensic autopsy cases at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington, DC. Additionally, motion picture documentation of preventive and protective procedures of chemical and biological exposure at Ft. Detrick, Maryland without contracting any ugly or nasty micro bugs or any weird zombie-like contagious pathogens.

d) 1978~82 Instructed Army, Air Force, and Marine students the science and craft of motion-picture photography, film editing, sound recording, and sound element mixing at the Lowry AFB, Denver, CO., while maintaining my military decorum.

Now living in scenic Overton, Nevada.  A one gas station quiet rural town in a valley between some mesas near the north side of Lake Mead,  75 mins from the action in Las Vegas, 40 mins from the cowboy patriots in Bunkerville, and 130 minutes from them aliens and UFOs in Area-51. Currently, I enjoy terrain photography, screenwriting, and playing poker in Mesquite, Las Vegas, or in Deadwood.

Photography for me now is the joy of capturing the beauty of nature. Shooting animals with one of my cameras is my way of hunting. Sunrises give me the excuse of crawling out of bed, and off I go with the camera. The living colors of growth and shapes of terrain diversity seem to beg to be photographed. It is an endless pursuit to find the perfect picture that I know will take many lifetimes to find. Yet, the discoveries made along the way are the motivating currency needed to continue onward.

AS A WRITER: I enjoy writing stories about:

1 Ordinary people overcoming life-threatening conditions.

2 Outrageous characters doing outrageous things for outrageous reasons.

3 Stories threaded with a secondary story that meets in a logical (sometimes coliding) exciting conclusion.

Whatever the story, I want them to be entertaining (or frightening) to our basic emotions and I want my stories to bring light to the possible present or future enrichment of humankind.

I want my style of writing to be uniquely original and NOT a copy of another’s design. However, my heroes in film-making are Stanley Kubrick, Rod Serling, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, and S. Paul Klein.

My latest works:

  1. "The Extraterrestrial Highway" features two female leads.  No earthling has ever realized that  extraterrestrials have been among us . . . .  Until now!
  2. “Fire Dancer” You’ll risk having your wallet emptied if you sat at a poker table with this beautiful Indian woman and former army warrior.

I welcome your comments.


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Scripts By Steve

The Extraterrestrial Highway
LOGLINE: A young woman from 12 light-years away and her earthling female drinking buddy, a Paiute Indian, battles meat-eating aliens and now they must somehow prevent the earth from being reduced to a burnt-out cinder.
Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 118pp
10 readers love this script
Springtime in Alaska
Finding a winning ticket that belongs to another is deadly.
Short Action, Adventure For sale 8pp
5 readers love this script
Fire Dancer
An army Lieutenant becomes a professional poker player because poker is safer than army combat, so she thought, until winning the psycho’s bankroll. Now she’s back in a bloody battle to save her life.
Feature Action, Adventure, Romance, Thriller, War For sale 117pp
4 readers love this script
Beach Dilemma
The difficulty of one gender to enjoy the beach.
Short Adventure, Drama For sale 2pp
3 readers love this script
Craps ATM
An alien from another star system uses Las Vegas as an ATM machine to help her drinking buddy to buy a new car.
Short Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 6pp