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I started writing some 12 years ago and during that time I have written quite a lot of material, in newspapers and the occasional magazine. However, I always felt that I needed more than just that and began writing short children's stories, which became children's books. Even though, I still, wanted more and started working on science-fiction, horror, thriller suspense. Although most of my work consisted of writing books, it was not until some four years ago that I was introduced to the world of film scripts and also taking part in film productions. Where I attended at least six courses and found myself working as crew, sparks, grips on films such as '20 k.r' a local production. and also 'THE LAKE ' which was partly filmed here in Malta. Naturally, this gave me the urge to start learning the art of scriptwriting, where I have battered my brains out and I am finally getting the hang of it. Credits. 




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Scripts By Steven

Code Red.
A rescue diver, becomes trapped inside a cave while cliff hanging. He soon finds out what it’s like to be on the other end of the stick, when he is the one that needs rescuing.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Family For sale 87pp
It Came With The House
It came with the house, not the surprise package you were hoping for. (UPDATED VERSION.) O4/05/17
Short Horror Available for Free 7pp
4 readers love this script