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Steven Mayes
Grand Rapids, United States

I have been interested in writing since I was a small boy and found my mom's old typewriter in the closet. I used to type out scary stories and poems at 10 years old. At a young age I placed in Michigan's Young Authors program for elementary kids with a short picture book I put together called Sharks: Hunters of the Sea. I eventually graduated from creative writing and college writing classes and in turn from typewriter, to word processor, to computers. I enjoy writing short stories, screenplays, and poetry the most. I strive to be able to have the scripts I write not just be words on a page. I want them to give the director a really good starting point, with room to expand, but knowing the outline and feeling the weight of the story. I look at screenplay's as a blueprint for other forces to come in and create the whole, which is the film.












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Scripts By Steven

Lee returns from Vietnam with wounds so deep he can't trust himself in society so he makes a home in the woods just as a group of suburbanites choose it as their camping site.
Feature Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller, War For sale 100pp
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