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Steven Wayne Knight
Carlsbad, United States

Elizabeth Baldwin Knight, my wife, book editor on my two published novels, and co-writer on Horace Bell, the script, has taken her superb English skills and knowledge of the project back to the 1970s to team up with me to create this story.  She retired from court reporting after a 38-year career.  We are listed on IMdBpro.  Liz was one of a select number of accomplished graduates from the University of Alabama with a B.S in Administrative Sciences to attain a perfect 4.0 record.  She loves to write, and I write what I love.  Horace Bell is based on my novel 1853 Los Angeles Gangs, and the script to the sequel 1857 Los Angeles Fights Again is in progress.

My background is immersed in law enforcement, followed by 25 years as CEO for our own court reporting business.  I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area.  I have vivid memories of Charles Manson and his gang, the S.L.A. gang with Patty Hearst, the Black Panthers gang, and a few infamous souls who worked alone -- The Hillside Strangler; Richard Ramirez, a.k.a. the Night-Stalker; and over 200 murderers sitting through their preliminary hearings in the L.A. Criminal Courts Building.  I’ll never forget driving my first black-and-white to the L.A. Police Academy with the radio blaring, “Murder now!  Robbery now!  Burglary now!” and another  “Murder now!”  Working as a Los Angeles cop would be a true adventure.

By 1986, myself and my immediate family had accumulated 100 years as Los Angeles peace officers; my father, Raymond J. Knight, Jr., and my uncle and neighbor, Robert F. Knight, as Los Angeles policemen; and my grandfather, Raymond J. Knight, as a Los Angeles Sheriff beginning in 1929 after service with the Huntington Park Police Department.   Dinner talk among the family consisted of “war” stories.

In 1974, I was allowed unlimited admission into the private A.B. Perkins Historical California Scholar Library at the main L.A. County Depository in Valencia, CA.  My just-acquired real estate license led me to an interest in the old California ranchos, and their boundaries to this day are clearly outlined on county maps.  Such was the birth of my lifelong passion for California’s historical past.   My novels are a labor of love comprising thousands of hours of research.  The exciting stories are fun to read much like an action-filled motion picture.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Redlands and have taught Police Science classes at Long Beach City College.  I penned The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Badge History in their 150-year annual, and am a contributing author to Centurion’s Shield -The History of the Los Angeles Police Department.  There is also my Internet book called Badge Hallmarks for Police Collectors, which happens to make me the Nation’s police and fire badge expert.  

I was also involved with eight other national books on the statewide police and fire departments.

Past memberships include the L.A. Footprinters, a club my grandfather helped found with Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz in 1931.

My policeman, sheriff, and marshal positions were supplemented with a Pari-Mutuel Machine Supervisor position.  An outstanding people mix frequented Hollywood Park, Santa Anita, Del Mar, Los Alamitos, and the California fairs.  Fred Astaire, Andy Devine, Buddy Epson, Elizabeth Montgomery, and many other celebrities made their bets at my counter.  

As a uniformed policeman in 1967 I met John Wayne across from the Balboa Bay Club at Belemy’s Restaurant.  On a very early Sunday morning he immediately brought me to his table and bought my breakfast.  He introduced himself as Marion Michael Morrison, his true name.  After my police/sheriff/marshal career I taught at Long Beach City College.  The students really appreciated the true humorous stories from 100 years’ experience of police table talk.    
From 16 to 21 years of age, I was a grocery store manager for Lucky Stores and achieved Journeyman Clerk rank at 17.  In addition to my careers I also sold real estate in California and Nevada for some 30 years part-time.  I achieved a California Insurance License and a Series 5 Securities License.  I have taught Bible Prophecy Seminars at Calvary Chapel in Oceanside.  This allows me to link and cross past history with the Bible - which is so true and positive.

Currently I am a Commissioner for the San Diego Police Department’s Historical Association, where I am honored to present the Cop of the Year awards besides other duties.  Also, I am the first Technical Analyst for the Long Beach Police Department’s Historical Society.   My Great Uncle James Knight was the engineer on the General Locomotive, thereby receiving the First Congressional Medal of Honor from President Abraham Lincoln in 1863.  See the movies: The General, The Great Locomotive Chase, and Andrews’ Raiders; as this was the most dramatic story in the entire United States Civil War 1861 - 1865.

Elizabeth and I have traveled to some 43 separate countries to understand our world, visiting Mexico some 25 times to gain knowledge of the old L.A. Californio culture. Liz is also a juried mosaic artist.

We live in sunny North San Diego County.  Our grown sons have their own families and live in Garden Grove, California, and Denver, Colorado.


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