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Stuart Wright

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Stuart Wright
London, United Kingdom

I am based in London, UK.

I have developed two feature scripts with PINBALL FILMS: Ashley Horner (Brilliantlove aka The Orgasm Diaries) and Keith Bell (Dog Soldiers, The Descent & Harry Brown)

BEAR (aka Hidden Folk) – Norwegian/UK horror (Status: In financing)

UBERMAN - UK Sci-fi (Status: In financing)

I also worked with DITTO Films on the script for LAIR (UK Horror), slated to start shooting late 2019

I have written and produced four short films. FALLEN, won Best Short at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2015 and now features as one of the chapters in the 2018 horror anthology PSYCHOMANTEUM.

I host two film podcasts:

  1. podcast: Click through to the Britflicks archive
  2. 5 Great British Horror Films podcast: Click through to the 5GBHFs archive

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Scripts By Stuart

Where Did Your Dress Go?
A half naked man wakes up in an abandoned office haunted by two men in baby doll dresses.
Short Horror For sale 4pp
Dead Soul Music
A young woman must find a rare gramophone record before her 21st birthday or lose her soul to a demon trapped inside.
Feature Horror For sale 90pp