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Tamara Steren
Pasadena, United States

I’m interested in telling stories with meaning, about hope, perseverance, and the goodness in people. Stories about standing up to fight for your rights, about picking yourself up and moving forward when all other options are unbearable. 

Parts of me are sprinkled in every screenplay I write. Some of these things may be too painful to talk about, but putting them on paper is cathartic. Telling these stories may touch someone and show them that they are not alone.

Hope and justice are threads that run through all of my stories. Whether it’s standing up to cruelty and injustice to women, or saving a kidnapped orphan from a deadly fate, or opening a woman’s heart to love after a decade of heartbreak. Without hope, we die a little every day. I believe that bringing people together to fight for something positive, one justice at a time, lifts us up, and brings us hope.

My screenwriting has brought me several accolades. I am a Gold Script Writing Award winner in the WRPN Women's International Film Festival, a Top Romance Film & Screenplay Festival winner, and placed as Finalist in Table Read My Screenplay, and the California Women’s Film Festival. I’ve placed as Semi-finalist or Quarterfinalists in multiple screenwriting competitions. 

In addition to screenwriting, I am a Guest Services representative at The Pasadena Playhouse and the Dolby Theatre, in which my tenure has included sixteen Academy Awards.  After many years in the advertising and entertainment industries, including The Walt Disney Company, my decision to focus on my writing has been the most fulfilling.  I can’t imagine a day going by without being able to write and create stories.


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Scripts By Tamara

Yia Yia's Kitchen
When a young woman’s restaurant game comes to life, she desperately searches to find her secret admirer, and stop him before he makes her deadly dreams come true.
Feature Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance For sale 90pp
2 readers love this script
I'll Give You My Heart
Ten years after her fiancé is killed on their wedding day, a traumatized young woman fights to keep her promise to never leave him, while protecting her grief-stricken heart from opening for a familiar stranger.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 95pp
2 readers love this script
Every Ticket Tells A Story
When a young orphan in 1946 St. Louis is kidnapped, his brother enlists the help of a jilted, lovelorn secretary to help find him, before he succumbs to the city’s dark secret.
Feature Crime, Drama, Family, Film-Noir, Sport For sale 116pp
2 readers love this script
When a timid, rookie lawyer defends a case that hits close to home, she finds inspiration from her renown actress-suffragist great grandmother's diaries for courage to save women's lives and change the course of history.
Feature Drama, History For sale 100pp
1 reader loves this script