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tenderbastard is a philosopher, playwright, screenwriter, songwriter, activist, and author. he and his dog are public intellectuals. - ello.co/tenderbastard- books and other works can be viewed at - tenderbastard.com

Scripts By tenderbastard

A family vacation turns upside down when a colony of criminals allowed to run amuck.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Thriller Seeking finance 89pp
Five college classmates re-unite for a road trip that reveals what's changed, what's remained the same, and what if anything, they still like about each other.
Feature Drama, Music For sale 104pp
Casting Grace to the Wind
Three estranged brothers return home upon the death of their mother, hire a small-town exotic dancer who accompanies them to scatter their mother's ashes, and learn they were given the wrong urn.
Short Drama For sale 21pp
The Prosecutor, The Prostitute, and The Priest
Law, Morality, and Religion get worked over like a rag doll on a mechanical bull when a priest is accused of murdering a prostitute.
Feature Drama Seeking finance 90pp