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Tequoia Urbina
Atlanta, United States

Tequoia Urbina is an award winning screenwriter/filmmaker in based in Atlanta, GA. She is a graduate of Georgia State University and Northeastern University and has over 25 years of experience in TV and film. Tequoia is dedicated to creating thought provoking and entertaining content. Her latest work, The Hard Pass is a sci-fi TV series that features a diverse cast and crew. She is currently working on her fictional short film, Gehenna, and is committed to creating characters and opportunities for women and people of color. Tequoia understands that representation matters and strives to reflect that in each of her projects. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her family and loves ALL things art related.

Scripts By Tequoia

The Sojourner a.k.a. The Hard Pass
In a dangerous borderland dividing two countries ruled by nationalistic leaders, one woman helps her people escape to freedom by battling killer robotic beasts.
TV Pilot Action, Sci-Fi For sale 67pp
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Sandfly Trap
In the marsh where Hoodoo is life, a woman gets possessed by an ancestral spirit and her estranged teenaged daughter must save her before she is used to enact murderous revenge.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Family, Horror For sale 15pp
Moonie's childhood was stolen from her and now to save herself she must steal another's.
Short Drama Example of work only 16pp