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Teresa Barber

Born and bred in Mississippi, raised in Virginia, and aged in Florida. My life, in-and-of-itself, is full of BIG SCREEN moments and my passion comes from the world around me, simply expressed in my photography and writing.

In 2019, I began my screenwriting journey with three completed feature screenplays and many more in the works.

My advice to anyone willing to listen? If your dreams don't scare you... dream bigger.

Conspiracy of Ravens - FINALIST 2021 Beyond Entertainment Family Film, Screenwriting & Music Festival

Conspiracy of Ravens - SEMIFINALIST 2020 Stage32 6th Annual Feature Screenwriting Contest

House Rule - SEMIFINALIST Sci-Fi / Fantasy category Top 25 2020 Creative Screenwriting Screenplay Competition.

Conspiracy of Ravens - SEMIFINALIST 2020 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition.

Conspiracy of Ravens - SEMIFINALIST Sci-Fi / Fantasy category Top 25 2019 Creative Screenwriting Screenplay Competition.

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