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Thomas Bell
Atlanta, United States

Thomas Bell lives in Atlanta. He writes scripts about washed up magicians, post apocalyptic wrestlers, and cloned housepets. He makes a mean breakfast taco. Thats enough information. 

Scripts By Thomas

The Rad Rad Road
A member of a tribe of post-apocalyptic wrestlers must perform radical feats of strength to reclaim his honor after he accidentally reveals his emotional side.
TV Pilot Animation For sale 30pp
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Mean Spirited
Clara and the ghost of her sister travel the country with a washed-up magician performing "seances" as a scam. When they perform at a swanky mansion with a dark past, they awaken something unexpected...
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 130pp
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The Several Ghosts of Fantabulous Land
When a young boy’s family inherits their eccentric uncle's run-down amusement park, he will have to confront his fear of rollercoasters, and everything really, when he discovers the park is over-run with ghosts.
TV Pilot Animation For sale 25pp