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French screenwriter moving soon to Vancouver. Getting closer to L.A. as much as I can to give a shot to a dream that lives inside many of us storyteller. In my bag, my first feature "Doudou," a tale about the search of what family really means for an orphan girl who bonds with the soul of a lost boy stuck inside a stuffed rabbit. The script has been a Screencraft Family Screenplay Finalist.

I studied cinema in Paris during five years, wrote and directed two short movies "Perdus entre deux étoiles" and "Une promesse d'enfant."
The big dream is to become a screenwriter and director of my own stories.

I am currently writing my second feature, "The Imaginary House," a magical tale where an inventive young girl searches her place in a world where dreaming is forbidden. Her life change when she discovers a Book and his power of imagination.

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A young orphan girl with the hopes of finding a new family, bonds with a stuffed animal, which happens to have the ghost of a lost boy living inside it.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 94pp
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