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Thomas Jamieson
New York City, United States

I have a background in journalism with articles published in numerous magazines and journals. In addition to writing screenplays and TV pilots, I've had four stage plays produced, and promos and commercials featured on broadcast and cable networks. I do not adhere to a specific genre, preferring to test myself as a writer with each new script. Artistic expression and pushing creative boundaries with commercially viable work is the balance I strive for in all my work. I'm not sure this applies to my stint as an amateur heavyweight boxer.

Scripts By Thomas

Maya's Window
A brilliant but aimless southern California teen receives extraordinary powers from a unique disabled girl, but a group known as Destroyers threatens to imperil their friendship and tear their worlds apart.
TV Pilot Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 61pp
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An ex-military man joins a heist to save his daughter, but when things go awry his crew shelters in a decommissioned underground facility where they’re hunted by mutant entities and must plan an extraordinary escape.
Feature Horror For sale 99pp
Desperate to find her missing sister, an immigrant nurse with panic disorder uncovers an unimaginable human trafficking ring, and must stop it before it destroys untold lives.
Feature Thriller For sale 98pp
Shelter Heights
An Army officer on a short leave battles a fugitive drug lord and a massive hurricane to get his estranged family off a remote island.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 96pp
The Killing Man
At the dawn of the California Gold Rush a reluctant bounty hunter pushes himself to the limit to apprehend modern history’s first serial killer.
Feature Crime, History, Horror, Thriller, Western For sale 103pp
Dark Horde
In the Middle Ages, two warring military commanders, one Christian and one Muslim, team up to stop an alien force from weaponizing the Bubonic plague to annihilate humanity.
Feature Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War For sale 92pp
The son of revered werewolf slayers returns to his hometown after many years to discover it's a breeding ground for wolves and evil spirits, and that the fate of humanity may rest in his hands.
TV Pilot Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 60pp