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Thomas Murphy
London, United Kingdom

I'd like to say I don't like talking about myself. I'd like to say that but...anyway, I live in the UK, have been acting (under a different name) and taking menial jobs for most of my adult life. Occasionally the big time calls...then it shuts up for a long time and I involve myself in raising my kid, walking the dog and looking out the window wondering when the hell am I going to get round to washing the windows. I have been writing on and off for a while. I held down a fairly steady job at one time as books and films reviewer for a British teen magazine before it bit the dust as magazines are wont to do these days. I would love to have one of my pieces produced...( I was shortlisted ((or long-listed, I'm not quite sure)) for playwright of the year on  BBC local radio which was promising). I really enjoy discovering new characters and situations in my writing and it's too late to stop now.

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