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Thomas Wagner

Don't have much to say about my life but I love discussing stories. I really like death note and that is my ideal when it comes to plot construction. In all of my scripts you'll find:

-Mind games. Tactics.

-Strong rivalry between protagonist and antagonist.

-Quirky characters.

Hope I can intrigue and entertain you!  


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Scripts By Thomas

Crash End
1940s. A stoic Crash Tester offends the new "masterpiece" of an artsy car producer. To survive the crash tests now designed to kill him he invents seat belt and airbag.
Feature Action For sale 110pp
Mine Meals
The sharp wife of a paranoid millionaire finds out that their food taster wants to poison her husband. Every meal she has to find out which dish is poisoned and save her husband.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 92pp