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Tim Northburg is an author, screenwriter, and content creator, who is enthusiastic about about telling stories that have an Americana or classic sensibility to them that touches the spirit, evokes emotion, or sparks a personal connection and crosses genres, national boundaries, time barriers, gender differences, and historical backgrounds. He hopes his impact as a writer is thought provoking and fun.

Tim grew up as an Army brat moving from base to base that thought him to make friends easily and adapt to his surroundings from an early age. After his parents divorced his resilience to cope with situations and learn to work through change built the foundation of his inner being. Throughout his life he had to reinvent himself several times and also had to prove his worth and rise to success. It is that inner-tenacity that sparked his interest in the human spirit and how people fight their inner demons or succumb to them.

Tim tells stories about unassuming or conflicted characters, thrust into circumstances which force them to reinvent themselves and come out the other side as a stronger person free from the constraints placed upon them. He writes in various genes including action, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance and sci-fi but all have that interconnected voice from a natural place.

To date, he has written 6 feature scripts and one short script. His screenplays have been official selections and placed regularly in the finals of both US and international script competitions. He continues to work to expand his brand and get his scripts onto the big screen.