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Tim Westland

I'm an award winning writer, with multiple feature and short scripts placing highly in Page, Screencraft, BlueCat and other well respected competitions. I'm an avid collaborator and play well with other writers. Below is a small sample of my work.

Genre: Drama
Retribution for a major drug bust leads to a bus full of school kids at the bottom of a lake. Now the local sheriff must discover who is responsible; the Mexican Cartel, a corrupt Governor, or his own kin.
2018 Screencraft Drama Semi-Finalist
2017 Screencraft Drama Semi-Finalist
2016 Screencraft Fellowship Semi-Finalist

From The Depths
Genre: Sci-Fi / Action / Thriller
Remember the final confrontation in Jaws, where it's the Shark, the boat, and the men fighting for their lives? Make it a US Navy Destroyer, 280 fighting men/women, and a giant creature from the deep and you get “From The Depths”.
2018 Screencraft Action/Thriller SemiFinalist

Genre: Horror / Comedy
The year is 1988. A morbidly obese 17-year-old girl telekinetically controls her disembodied body fat to exact revenge on the bullies who tortured her. A hilarious homage to those 80’s horror flicks you loved so much, it’s Carrie meets The Blob in the vein of Killer Klowns!
2016 Screencraft Top 10 Horror Finalist !

The Stitcher
Genre: Horror
A hunting trip turns deadly when five Iraq War Vets clash with a crazed hillbilly and his army of reanimated road-kill taxidermy monsters.
2017 Screencraft Horror Quarter-Finalist
2016 BlueCat Competition - Quarter-Finalist
2015 Page International - Quarter-Finalist

Chasing The Dead
My comic book adaptation of Joe Schreiber’s horror novel was published by IDW as a four-part series, it was so well reviewed that IDW subsequently released it as a graphic novel

Quantum Lens
Three draft write for hire adaptation of the New York Times Best Selling novel, “Quantum Lens”, by Doug Richards.

Lots more where that came from!

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Scripts By Tim

After an accident causes a morbidly obese girl's fat to explode from her body, the bullies who tormented her will meet a fate as her disembodied fat exacts a horrific, yet hilarious revenge.
Feature Horror For sale 90pp
Balls Out
Legendary Surfing Pioneer, Mick "Balls Out" Shelly, hasn't hit the waves in over five decades. But an opportunity to reclaim the spotlight takes Mick and three people from his past on a trip down memory lane that none of them is likely to soon...
Short Comedy, Drama, Sport Under Option 16pp
Aliens: The Lost Colony
Two weeks before the events of Aliens, the colony on LV-426 faced a losing battle with an army of Xenomorphs. How did Newt survive? - Written by Rod Thompson and Tim Westland
Feature Sci-Fi Example of work only 121pp
8 readers love this script