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timothy mcreynolds
New Orleans, United States

Timothy, 46, former musician turned aspiring screenwriter. After many years of writing four minute songs I decided to put down my guitar and pick up my laptop. I have pushed out four features over the last twenty eight months. I write drama in different genres'. I attend a bi-monthly writers group in New Orleans and have received good reviews for my work. I have wasted alot of time playing music when I should of been writing and learning the craft. I have learned one thing for sure, not everyone can't write no matter their dedication. I feel my latest is pretty good but my next is going to be great. I hope.  JUST READ IT.


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Scripts By timothy

The Madman And The Boy
After being released from a Mexican prison, a hardened gun fighter embarks on a violent journey to reconnect with his family only to discover that his war has just begun.
Feature Western For sale 112pp
2 readers love this script
The Seedy Side Of Sunshine
Follow a very gritty and violent love story between a broken rock star and a neglected young child as they both discover how much they truly need each other .
Feature Drama For sale 105pp