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Timothy Shireman
Atlanta, United States

There are some who call me: Tim.
A pre-WGA scribe who hails from a far-off, desolate wasteland known as New Jersey.
After twenty years in Atlanta, my Philly roots are now sunk deep in the Georgia clay.
Having spent the last fifteen-years as a graphic designer and production artist, I decided to try something completely different & took up screenwriting. Making the creative jump has been a challenging yet very rewarding transition.
With a renewed sense of artistic freedom, I've dedicated myself to learning the craft of storytelling.
A serious genre fanatic, I was raised by the Horror section of Blockbuster.
My cinematic pedigree & irreverent sense of humor give my work a unique sensibility.
I hope to expand my creative skillset, showcase my writing, & possibly begin an exciting new career.
Thanks for reading!

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Scripts By Timothy

Bad Foodie: Part One
Guidry will do anything to be an A-lister. With a new producer and one last shot at stardom, both he and the stakes have never been higher. Welcome to Montana, now get out.
Feature Comedy For sale 95pp
1 reader loves this script
Aspen Grove
In 1845 Montana, a mysterious trapper with a dark past crosses paths with a Native American family and must answer for his sins, bringing him face-to-face with an otherworldly agent of Nature's wrath.
Episode Adventure, History, Horror, Thriller, Western For sale 63pp
Bad Foodie: Part Two
As Guidry continues his quest for Hollywood stardom, secrets are exposed when a televised food fight with his nemesis gets personal.
Feature Comedy For sale 110pp
Invasive Species (sample)
Capt. Zach Burton thought his crew had seen it all. Wrong. To keep a biological weapon out of enemy hands, our heroes will need a planeload of American guts, gadgets, & maybe a gizmo.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror Example of work only 16pp
1 reader loves this script
Aspen Grove 2 (SAMPLE)
To find her missing father, a young woman must infiltrate the exclusive Northwoods Estate: An historic private hunting lodge for the power elite, where the perks are infinite but the dues are murder.
Feature Action, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller Example of work only 10pp
Heavy: a tale of Rock n Roll redemption (SAMPLE)
In a time of big hair & bigger dreams, five streetwise rockers pursue fortune and fame. With stardom in sight, one fateful night will change their lives forever.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Music Example of work only 8pp
Rapunzel (SAMPLE)
You know the story, but this is no fairy tale. A young woman is kidnapped by a delusional admirer. To escape, Barbara must piece together fragments of her captor's shattered mind.
Feature Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller Example of work only 6pp
Red White & Doomed - SAMPLE
At this relaxing weekend retreat, nothing is what it seems. Election season may be over, but for these political animals, the stakes are life and death.
Feature Action, Comedy, Thriller Example of work only 14pp
Watery Grave (sample)
As Bishop's Crossing celebrates it's bicentennial, it's founder's sins are revealed. Once the murders begin, an unlikely pair must stop the killings, exposing a tale of revenge from the days of the Underground Railroad.
Feature Thriller Example of work only 12pp