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Tina Field Howe
New York City, United States

I live in a picturesque village in Upstate New York. Before becoming a screenwriter I published a children's picture book and two YA sci-fi novels in a series. I also produced an audio book of my first novel and the children's book using actors in the roles, sfx and music. All have won literary awards. I also have a Master Screenwriting certificate and am a creativity coach.

Since I’m a visual writer, my fiction writing experience as well as roles in film and theater became the springboard for my screenwriting endeavors. I recently completed writing and directing my first short.

My strengths are imagination, characters with heart, dialog and action, world building, animation, and ability to work well with producers and directors. I’ve won several competitions, including the 2016 Writer’s Lab which is funded by Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Oprah Winfrey, 2020 Stowe Story Labs, places in Get It Made, Page Awards and others. I’ve completed two feature screenplay assignments and am in pre-production for a proof-of-concept film with Get It Made and Absurd Hero Productions.

Scripts By Tina Field

Beyond All Odds: The Cindy McCoy Story
After a young girl’s family collapses she’s sent to live with poor relatives, yet as a teen overcomes her broken life to rise to the top of the 1960s world of International Roller Derby.
Feature Action, Biography, Drama, Sport For sale 101pp
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The Queen of Dystopia
After a novelist's psychopathic twin kidnaps her with plans to assume her life, she plots to escape and save the life of her unborn child with the aid of the heroine from her books.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 99pp
1 reader loves this script
Hard Hats
A bold construction worker makes a bet with the guys that he can pull off a romantic interlude with his gorgeous but strictly hands-off boss-lady.
Short Romance For sale 5pp
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By the Sea
Clever Brandi, English heir to a fortune, frames her husband in the murder of her mother, the family matriarch.
Short Comedy, Crime For sale 7pp
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Real Heroes
Convinced they’re the good guys, brother and sister drug dealers dispose of the competition to ‘save’ their neighborhood.
Short Comedy, Crime For sale 5pp
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After alien robots invade Earth to mine its magma, a former female Marine is captured and forced by a robot mutineer to fight in a revolution that will end the reign of their deranged leader.
Feature Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 90pp
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Saint Nick'Lost
Charlie, a Christmas hater with a Christmas-loving family, causes Saint Nick to suffer amnesia which erases everyone but Charlie’s memory of it. Charlie must rescue Christmas before his family forever forgets who he is.
Feature Comedy, Family, Fantasy For sale 99pp
Schooled at the Pool
A loser gets even with his ‘ex-girlfriend’ by exposing a creepy suitor to her many imperfections.
Short Comedy For sale 5pp
After rival twins crash and die during a dirt bike race, a disgruntled afterlife adjustor forces them to race for one return ticket to life.
Feature Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Sport For sale 90pp