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Toby McShane

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Toby McShane
Salisbury, United Kingdom

"If I told you the truth, I bet you wouldn't believe me. Honestly, the whole damn thing was absurd. You couldn't write it." 

So I'm trying to.

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Scripts By Toby

The Pig & Pirate
In the minutes leading up to their first bank robbery, two would-be-crooks must overcome their nerves, and a series of unforeseen setbacks, before their cover is blown.
Short Comedy, Crime For sale 9pp
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On a short trip between Finsbury Park and Leicester Square, a jaded, gentrified Middle-Englander must navigate the social politics and unwritten etiquette of the London Underground, and his own crippling millennial anxiety issues.
Short Comedy Available for Free 13pp
A young couple are attacked by a stalker in their own home. Instead of calling the police they manage to take him hostage but the stalker's identity threatens to unravel their relationship.
TV Pilot Horror, Thriller Example of work only 48pp
Penny Unfettered
An acerbic older woman attempts to integrate herself back into the community after the death of her abusive husband.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama Seeking finance 31pp