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Todd Guerra
Dayton, United States

Todd M. Guerra is a longtime writer, or "horticulturalist of the written word", as they say, who has shifted his focus to screenplays recently. He specializes in traversing that space between scary and ridiculous, and has yet to meet a story that isn't worth poking fun at.

Scripts By Todd

Pretty Girls Don't Talk To Me
A young necrophiliac may have just met the perfect woman for him.
Short Comedy, Horror, Romance Seeking finance 23pp
How To See Ghosts
A young interracial couple move to the south and run afoul of a racist ghost living in their new house. Will they be able to work together when one of their lives is threatened?
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 129pp
Cold Snap
A group of college students go away for a weekend trip to the woods and unknowingly find themselves in the crosshairs of a local legend after an unexpected blizzard blows in.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 87pp