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Todd Holden
Portland, United States

I have just finished "The Olds", a 16 episode series about a retired autistic computer engineer who tries to find the monster that killed his best friend. Episodes 1 through 4 are available to download here on Script Revolution.

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Scripts By Todd

The Olds Teaser
Teaser for The Olds, 16, one hour episode series.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 9pp
The Olds - Ep. 4
HAL turns up another potential serial killer and two new members join the team.
Episode Crime For sale 47pp
The Olds - Ep. 3
Lila gives the team 3 urgent cases they need to solve without computer help by the end of the day.
Episode Crime For sale 41pp
The Olds - Ep. 2
The District Attorney's office has to release a murderer on a technicality, so Lila asks the group for help.
Episode Crime For sale 50pp
The Olds Pilot
A retired, autistic computer genius tries to avenge his best friend's murder, but can he do it without becoming the type of person he swore to put away?
TV Pilot Crime For sale 42pp