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Todd Sorrell
Honolulu, United States

Children's book author, aspiring novelist, and award-winning screenwriter.  I just love to tell stories.  The creative process is therapeutic, often cathartic and benefits both the writer and the reader. I lean towards fantasy and sci-fi, but can't resist a well made drama.  Recently I've been dabbling in LGBTQ content in both a screenplay "I Promise You This" and a TV Series "Distant Call." 

With a B.A. degree in Linguistics, I've delved into the science behind language, but all that matters is that we can find connections, ways to stimulate, inspire and strengthen each other. There are stories that have touched and changed my life. I hope to do the same.

Scripts By Todd

Hunted through the millennia by a mystic tribe, a pair of star-crossed lovers seeks to reboot Creation. But first the reincarnated couple must find each other.
Feature Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 113pp