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My name is Todd E. VanderMolen. I live in sunny Panama City, Florida, where the local squirrels eat fermented date palm fruit off of the sidewalks and play Russian roulette in streets with passing vehicles. Even though the locals in Panama City are quite squirrelly and their displays of public intoxication are quite a spectacle, I actually spend my free time outside the voyeur box writing spec scripts.

I’ve written two Sci-fi/Fantasy book adaptations (one is an extended feature length film, the other is a TV series pilot–neither of which do I have ownership of the rights, for I wrote them merely for practice reasons).

I have also written an original feature length animation script for a Halloween board game I invented, which tells the unbelievable and slightly squirrelly story about the “Hall O’ Ween,” (also the title), which is where the Ween, catlike fairy creatures, live. They visit earth through a wacky pumpkin portal during Halloween and prevent the takeover of earth by the out of control Witch Sisters and their horde of deformed Halloween creatures.

Finally, I’ve written a TV Series about a Symsys graduate student from the U.S. who visits the UK on sabbatical, and with a local woman folk singer, decodes crop circle symbols to find some amazing schematics: devices; machines; musical compositions; and other revelatory messages. Stating the obvious, the crop circle phenomena occurs worldwide and the amount of dramatic story material keeps growing and growing. Did I mention a worldwide audience?

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Scripts By Todd

Hall O' Ween
Within a decrepit haunted mansion at main street's end, a young boy and his friends discover a portal leading to Ween World and they find the earth world is targeted for takeover by The Witch.
Feature Adventure, Horror For sale 83pp
Code - Hymn TV Pilot
American student travels to Britain during a summer sabbatical, discovers and decodes hidden messages in a series of crop circles, while media seeks to destroy the message and government agents seek to kill the messenger.
TV Pilot Sci-Fi Seeking finance 61pp