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Winner.  Loser.  Champion.  Bloodied woe. Former soldier.  Former stockbroker. Writer perchance?  Dog lover. Video game affeciando. Historian. Crafter of Metamodernistic marvels.  And chill with a Romanian wine.  A tiny bit about me. 


Producer - Writer and CEO of Dragonslayer Entertainment

Scripts By Tom

In the near future, a dolphin and nanotechnology researcher couple face a world of technological horror and strive for hope in the origin story for a Game of Thrones in space series.
TV Pilot Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 57pp
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A captured Christian boy is brainwashed to fight as an Islamic Janissary during the climactic Second Siege of Vienna in 1683. He fights to save a harem slave as he struggles with his mental conditioning.
Feature Drama, History, Romance, War For sale 129pp
2 readers love this script
Capture The Flag
In early 2000s, a band of mercenaries cross the worlds most dangerous border for one of the worlds largest flags in a tale of hero and anti hero.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, War Seeking finance 124pp
4 readers love this script
A club of spelunkers and a young couple come up with a revolutionary education program only to find a number of forces arrayed against them, both personal and external.
Feature Drama Seeking finance 141pp
The Message
A true story of WW2 Hungary and its controversial leader, Miklos Horthy, in a tale of judging, judgment, and, perhaps, forgiveness. It is THE KING'S SPEECH with much, much higher stakes.
Feature Drama, War Seeking finance 95pp