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Tom Holowach
Kailua, United States

Once a theater major, I went into broadcast TV, then professional photography. That took me to audio/visual production and eventually into computerized entertainment, then special event production. Produced and stage managed shows at Disneyland, but then moved to Hawaii and managed a 300 seat college theater. Just retired, and suddenly, I find myself sucked into writing a script as obsessively as Richard Dreyfus sculpting mashed potatoes.I just banged out the first 2 hours of what probably needs to be an 8-episode biographical streamer. Who knew?

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The Kallikak Crusade
True story: illegitimate young girl, misdiagnosed, kept in mental institution for 83 years. Well-meaning psychologist, lured by fame and wealth, tries to fix society, but he is dragged down a slippery slope toward utopian fascism.
Feature Biography, Drama, History For sale 133pp