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I'm a published author/journalist and produced comedy screenwriter with a number of shorts featured on AbsurdTV's YouTube channel. A production company hired me to write a feature length war film, as well as a short piece with similar themes. Both are in the works as I type.

I have a few feature length screenplays written and more on the way. Most of my work falls into the comedy genre, but I'm known to venture into horror and science fiction, as well as the aforementioned war/drama.

Please contact me if you have questions or would like to take a look at my work. My Facebook page is

Scripts By Tony

An Important Day In American History
A teacher asks a student where his pants went and the politically correct students in his class pounce.
Short Comedy Produced 9pp
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Oh, Mexico!
A bitter Mexican waiter pranks an obnoxious American couple.
Short Comedy Produced 8pp
The Other Guy Part 0.5
After some time in lock-up, Harry bemoans his troubles with women and mocks Christian canvassers with his friend Sean.
Short Comedy Produced 10pp
A soldier is stalked by a lone Vietcong in an isolated corner of the jungle.
Short Thriller Sold 8pp
A pizza delivery to a cabin in the woods built on an indigenous burial ground turns into a game of ouija. Don't ask questions.
Short Comedy, Horror Example of work only 15pp
The Blooded
A dark elven warrior avenges his tribe after an attack by human raiders, but the cycle of violence never ends.
Short Action, Horror For sale 15pp
Everyday Sexism Street Harassment Comebacks
Women combat street harassment with wit and absurdity.
Short Comedy For sale 7pp
Checking Out
Two grocery store clerks, who grow and sell weed, in a Michigan college town are on the cusp of saving enough money to move to New York City, but their past history and a betrayal, if discovered, may destroy their friendship. Shenanigans ensue.
Feature Comedy Seeking finance 103pp
The Other Guy
While struggling to survive in the costly urban landscape post-recession, a lifelong third wheel tries to change his luck when he meets the woman of his dreams.
Feature Comedy Seeking finance 95pp
The Pack
After an injury ends her dreams of WNBA stardom, Dee moves to a rural California town to get away from her parents and joins a badass roller-derby team, which forces the lifelong athlete to confront her jaded attitude toward sports, and decide what...
Feature Comedy, Sport Seeking finance 104pp