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Tony Merino

Mix breed, 31, housebroken but prone to escaping if not leashed, Obeys only when hungry or in mating season but is loyal to those who show a good heart, good manners and an open mind, aaaaaaaaaaaaaand SE HABLA ESPAÑOL.
Lover of mixing the unimaginable and impossible with the painfully mundane (even the cosmic world altering gods of yore have slow Tuesdays)
All genres interest me but currently focusing on Science fiction, Horror, and action/comedies.
Greatly influenced by Anime, Stephen King, Lovecraft, Louis CK, Bruce Lee and Kevin smith................ basically all that is geek.
Wishing, wanting and working to be part of the wave of original material that will one day take over Hollywood once again, and if that doesn't happen in my lifetime, I want to at least get to tell stories, because its one of the few things that can fill the infinite chasm that is the abyss in my soul, making me feel alive and riding a rainbow fart propelled badger through space fighting sexually repressed tentacle monsters........damn! that's a good idea! (walks away drawing muttering nonsense).

Come, take my hand. Lets bend reality, break time, master the infinite ether, and get some beer and Chex mix.


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Scripts By Tony

Joe a Man-child learns to grow up with the help of his three friends.....who happen to be sentient talking TOYS. in this episode, he copes with heartache, learns about being consistent, and also summons Satan.
Web Series Pilot Comedy For sale 33pp
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Dave, God of Chaos
Well thats it, Heaven and Hell have had enough of the human race and the Apocalypse is getting jump started. The only thing in its way is Dave! the long forgotten god of chaos, Join him on a weird ass road trip filled with angels, demons, robot...
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy For sale 125pp
In the Post-post-postapoclyspe a profession arose, that of the NAVIGATORS, heroes who guide people through the dangers of Nova-Pangea. so why not witness the daring feats of the shittiest Navigator ever! BAD LAND BOB
TV Pilot Adventure, Animation, Comedy Seeking finance 28pp