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Tracey Maye

Tracey Maye is a multi-award winning writer and a teacher. Riley, her comedy web series about a former teen pop star now in her thirties, premiered in January 2017 with From The Ground Up Productions. She has also written two performed skits for TMI Hollywood, a live comedy show in Los Angeles, and has had table reads in both Manhattan and Las Vegas. Her voice as a writer is to fuse dark, quirky humor into grounded drama with provocative twist endings. Frida Kahlo, Edgar Wright, George Orwell and Prince inspire her daily.

Tracey Maye


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Scripts By Tracey

A Red Hot Ginger
​A con man dupes a gangster's henchmen into not killing him after the two get trapped in an elevator together.
Short Drama For sale 10pp
Nola and Frank’s Wedding or Nuala and Frank's Wedding
Wallflower Bridget, learns to stand up for herself after enduring a series of humiliations at a wedding
Short Comedy For sale 10pp
Personal Mythology (AKA Sin Eater)
Saul, a psychologist and sin eater, kills his patients by sucking their souls dry when triggered by bad relationships.
Short Fantasy For sale 10pp
Dessi Fox, train station custodian, is plagued with visions of his near-death verbally abusive father when deciding on whether or not to remove life support.
Short Drama For sale 10pp