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Tracey Roberts

I love the idea of being able to create new universes and characters that can exist in other's mind as well as my own. I've done so, in one form of of another since I was a child. I often preferred  those universes. In my teens I studied journalism at the University of Tennessee and wrote a bit for my local paper, but reality could never quite live up to my imagination. So I started writing short stories and plays, one of which was published by Eldridge Publishing. I try to never think of my scripts as precious and especially not perfect. If , by chance, you read one and have any constructive criticism I will consider it. I thank everyone for this opportunity.

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Scripts By Tracey

Warning Signs
A just married couple jump in their car and head off on their honeymoon, but strange signs along the way threaten their happiness.
Short Drama For sale 26pp
1 reader loves this script
The brother of a paralyzed man must overcome his own feelings of regret and self pity to save his brother.
Short Drama For sale 14pp