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I have been a storyteller since I was a young girl and didn't begin writing screenplays until I was 53 winning my first award. Now almost 61, I am still winning awards for my horror screenplays (23 1st) and just won Best Original Screenplay at Hollywood Blood Horror Fest for Otaktay.

My podcast, Horror Movies & Scary Stories, showcases some of my scripts. I am currently working on Otaktay, release August 2022.

Scripts By Tracie

A young man is haunted by a dead co-worker he barely knew. (This is a podcast on Horror Movies & Scary Stories, all platforms)
Short Horror Available for Free 22pp
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A young black man seeking vengeance for his cousin's killer, is lured in by his employer, a sadistic & torturous mortician. (This is a podcast on Horror Movies & Scary Stories)
Feature Horror Available for Free 83pp
A dead woman is haunting Reed, as he digs into this he unearths an evil entity know as Otaktay, buried by the Lakota for killing their children, and now it’s back in the flesh.
Feature Horror For sale 96pp