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I have been a storyteller since I was a young girl when I became fascinated with horror and scary movies. I began telling stories to my friends which morphed into telling them to my kids (when they were old enough) and scaring the pants off their friends at sleepovers. My trademark with my kids was simple; they would give me one sentence and I had to create a story from it. The challenge was exhilarating! Little did I know that the stories in my head wouldn't be quiet until I either told them or put them on paper. 

It wasn't until I was 53 (now 59, almost 60!), that I wrote my first feature screenplay. Since then I have written many features, with a few shorts, pilots, and web series, winning 19 awards. I am quieting the words in my head by making them black and white. With each story I share, another one grows. If you read my crazy work, I can assure you that I am a very normal person, a grandma of the sweetest nature. Honestly, just your everyday, horror-telling grandma.

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A young man is haunted by a dead co-worker he barely knew.
Short Horror For sale 22pp
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A young black man seeking vengeance for his cousin's killer, is lured in by his employer, a sadistic mortician who promises to even the playing field, but his only intention is to deceive, torture, kill.
Feature Horror For sale 83pp
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