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Travis Calvert

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Travis Calvert
Reno, United States

Hailing from the high desert of  Reno, NV. I've set out on a path of filmmaking death or glory. 

I have been working in the gambling industry as a video producer for more than a decade, where I write and record VO and video sessions with celebrity talent, as well as procuring in game video content.

In 2015 I won the Jameson First Shot competition and was fortunate enough to make my short film "The Library Book", with Adrien Brody. You can see it here...

I am someone who wears his heart on his sleeve. There is power in vulnerability. In this age of absurdity in which we live, revealing one’s true self honestly is an act of courage.

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Scripts By Travis

Half Dead
A hardworking dwarf separated from his beloved fiancé by a zombie outbreak of little people fights through all manner of mayhem and injustice to reunite with her and save the world along the way.
Feature Horror For sale 119pp
1 reader loves this script
Preacher Man
A city dwelling Mexican dreamer fleeing corrupt cops winds up in the Nevada desert mistaken for the new pastor of a small town.
Feature Comedy For sale 110pp
1 reader loves this script
Crown Vic
An aimless high school drop-out in rural Iowa contemplates enlisting for Vietnam to escape the poverty and alcoholism of his family life.
Feature Drama For sale 92pp
1 reader loves this script
American Demon
Jack Grisham, founder of the band TSOL and self-proclaimed demon, emerges from an abusive childhood and reckless adolescence to lead a punk rock army to violent glory before falling from grace and seeking spiritual redemption.
Feature Biography, Comedy, Drama, Music Seeking finance 118pp
1 reader loves this script