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Turner Bradley
Dallas, United States

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. My first vivid writing memory was in kindergarten when we would recite a story, usually off the top of our young minds, to an adult volunteer who would then write the story down as told to her by said five year old. Mine were always a little odd. I've been using my imagination and writing stories down ever since. I love movies and usually watch at least one every day. I completed my first screenplay when I was eighteen, and it placed in a writing competition. I've written over fifteen screenplays since then, some originals and some adaptations of published literary works for practice and as writing samples. I started my own company in another industry ten years ago to buy myself the time and financial freedom to write, and I was quite successful. I now live on a small ranch outside of Dallas, Texas with my better half, two children and multiple horses, goats, and cows, and I absolutely love it. I love writing in all genres and have written a thriller, a romantic coming of age story, an adult comedy, a teen drama, and a TV pilot of a friend's novel. I just love movies and love creating and telling all kinds of stories! I also love reading scripts and giving other writers feedback.

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