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I’m a screenwriter and filmmaker. My screenplay, Line of Succession, was a semi-finalist at the Sundance Episodic Lab and my follow-up pilot, Nuns with Guns, stars Tom Sizemore and is currently in post-production with director Robert Enriquez.

I’m currently in post-production on my debut feature, a supernatural horror film called 11th Hour Cleaning, that I wrote and directed. Read more about it on Bloody Disgusting or Scream Magazine.

Recent writing projects include a mystery-thriller screenplay, The Vault, which sold to Brandon Clutton for Ascension Media with Harvey Lowry attached to direct, and Fugue State, which sold to Rogue Panda Pictures.

I’m currently adapting Hemdale, a biopic about the life of legendary producer, John Daly, who helped launch the careers of James Cameron and Oliver Stone as he started one of the first independent film studios, won Oscars and dealt with lawsuits that would ultimately bankrupt him.

My crime-thriller web series, Bullets, about a Mafia poker tournament received critical acclaim and I directed the last eight seasons of Classic Alice, which has received over 300,000 views and is available on Amazon Prime.

I’ve directed commercials for JTS.tv; television shows like Music Box; music videos for Laura SaggersErick Macek, and Michael J Willett, and I’ve had the pleasure of directing Miss USA 2006 Tara ConnerDexter‘s Dave Baez, and The American West‘s Ric Maddox.

I co-founded Exit 44 Entertainment in 2016 with Ed Morrone and Eric Brodeur.

I love to give back and help others. I serve as an Executive Director of the Sunscreen Film Festival West, a moderator of the /r/Screenwriting community, and I’m currently serving my second term as Secretary of the El Segundo Kiwanis Club.

Scripts By Ty

Line of Succession
After the president and other high ranking officials are killed in a bombing, an FBI agent struggles to uncover a plan that will put an unsuspected terrorist in the oval office.
TV Pilot Action, Mystery, Thriller For sale 56pp
7 readers love this script
Fugue State
A female detective with PTSD investigates the murder of her partner and unearths a serial killer while a derailed cop with short-term memory loss fights for his innocence after being suspected of killing his father.
Feature Action, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 103pp
1 reader loves this script
Timed Release
After the silent alarm is triggered, a distraught bank robber discovers a murdered body in the time-released vault and must uncover which of the hostages is the real killer before the police swarm the bank.
Feature Action, Mystery, Thriller For sale 92pp