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My name is Tyler King and I live in a small town in Indiana. I've always loved movies, especially horror, from as far back as I can remember. I was probably around 12 when I first started learning about screenplays and screenwriting, which I've learned about, taught myself, and grown from over the years. I will be 27 this year and have not given up the dream of becoming a professional. I have written several scripts, only a few horror shorts of which I have actually released to Simply Scripts. I am also currently in the process of writing a feature. One of my horror shorts, titled "The Final Rose", has been given the permission to be filmed as a non-profit by Red Eclipse Films, whose work can be found on YouTube.


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Scripts By Tyler

After moving to a new house, a young boy asks his father to get rid of the monsters living in his closet...
Short Horror For sale 11pp
The Final Rose
A young woman gets a mysterious phone call one night from a secret admirer, willing to do anything to win her heart...
Short Horror In development 5pp