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Vatican Kelevra

I started writing when I was fifteen, and I just couldn't stop. Mostly written lyrics, but do have a few scripts under my sleeve. I am not a professional by any sense of the word. I write for more of a hobby and to get the ideas on to paper and out of my head. I've taken a few online writing courses and read multiple books on screenwriting.

Someday, yes, I would like it to take me places. But if it doesn't - I'm going to continue to write anyway.


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Scripts By Vatican

Open Wounds
A young private investigator must put his life aside when his ex-girlfriend runs away to join a gang.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 111pp
An enforcer for a crime lord tries to solve the murder of a popular news reporter, whom he met one night on the subway, putting him in the path of the detectives working the case.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 116pp