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Los Angeles, United States

VESTER, a Mixed- American male, can blend into any environment when deemed necessary. He can be seen as a lone wolf and also can run with a pack. He is half jock and nerd. An ambivert. Gamer, Traveler, Poet. His favorite superheroes are Black Panther, Batman, Ironman, Deadpool, and Prodigy. You can catch him up late at nights writing his feature scripts.

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Scripts By Vester

The Walking Dead "I'm Negan"
A backstory into Negan told through the point of view of his baseball bat, Lucille.
Episode Drama, Horror, Thriller Example of work only 43pp
Not Alone
A short dramatization of depression in young people, with a suicide prevention message.
Short Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sport Produced 4pp
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Red Walls
A short PSA on animal cruelty and the one factor which causes their suffering.
Short Drama Produced 2pp
In Morning (En La Mañana)
A young mother tries to remember better times when her husband pays her a visit.
Short Drama Produced 6pp
A spy is met with an unexpected turn of events in an attempt to complete a mission.
Short Fantasy, Thriller Produced 4pp
The Many Faces of One
A short PSA on the challenges of mental health being displayed through interpretive dance and poetry.
Short Drama Produced 3pp
The Chocolate Shop
A woman with Alzheimer's starts to recall who she is when she walks into a chocolate shop.
Short Drama Produced 10pp