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This is the section in which it appears to be increasingly 'the norm' to write about oneself in the third person so as to appear that the text was written by someone else. I can't join in I'm afraid - I'm not a football manager, and this isn't LinkedIn.

I started writing way back in 1997 whilst working in a producing theatre. Back then, there was no YouTube, Twitter or bountiful internet resources like those of today. I very quickly become disheartened and stopped writing after one script.

That script was a play that I found in a shoebox twenty year later - man, it was terrible.

Around that time in 2017, I had a failed business, a moribund relationship with the mother of my two sons and my mental health had seen much, much better days.

Appalled at the quality of that twenty year old script, I set about re-writing it. After a few pages I soon realised that the story wasn't great and set about educating myself.

Fast forward six months and I've watched, listened, and read around a thousand hours of YouTube tutorials, podcasts and scripts.

Now that all of this marvellous information was hard wired into my pea sized brain I set off on the journey again and now find myself with a bunch of scripts of which I am very proud.

'One Man's Trash' - a feature, was optioned for a while, but the producer got a green light on a pilot so didn't renew, a small victory from my perception, nonetheless.

I hope you like them...


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