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Victor von Schirach

The up-and-coming talented Swedish actor, Victor von Schirach, was born in Poland 1984. Both of his parents died in a tragic car accident when Victor was only a few months old. Shortly thereafter he was adopted by a noble Swedish family, with Polish and German roots, The von Schirach-Szmigiel. Victor spent his childhood in the idyllic suburb of Drottningholm, near the Royal Castle, just outside Stockholm. The von Schirachs later moved to the U.S. when his father got an assignment as the Associate Dean for Penn State Executive Education. After graduating from State College Area High School (P.A.), in 2003, von Schirach, went to Khao Lak in Thailand to volunteer after the Tsunami. This major tragedy made him aware of how short life can be and that one has to make the most out of it. He then decided to realize his childhood dream of becoming an actor. Victor von Schirach enrolled in acting schools and was later admitted to The Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. Victor von Schirach was featured in the Danish/Swedish production "The Bridge." He has already assembled more than 20 credits on IMDb and is currently in production with an up-coming TV-series, "Svartsjön" (Black Pond) and a new feature film, Ankdammen, in which he has one of the lead roles. He also has a minor role in the upcoming "Videomannen". Apart from his acting career, von Schirach is currently developing his talents as a director and producer. His latest production is the short film "Pleasure" starring Björn Lundquist, another prominent Swedish actor. Victor von Schirach has the potential of becoming a major figure on the global acting scene. His unique looks and versatile talent combined with his sensitivity and mindful personality have already created a buzz in Sweden.


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