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victor wuamett
Albuquerque, United States

Professional bio? Life's too short. Grew up on a farm, journalism degree, with a minor in vagabonding. When the media and PR bullshit got too deep, picked up a hammer and built houses, then I sold them. Published three novels (St. Martins Press). and now write screenplays in a variety of genres--Native American Epic, faith friendly addiction, rom-dram, historic east European action(female protag), mystery/action.

I live in the Southwest USA, where you play nice or you play careful, because BS can get you shot in a heartbeat.

Scripts By victor

River of Lies
Her gangster father says he adopted her. Wrong. He says his junk yard doesn’t traffic drugs. Wrong. She says she won’t defend him. Wrong again. Blood. Water. Family. When they all run together, watch out.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 93pp
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Ride To The Moon
1866 Bulgaria. A British woman buys a Slave and enlists a Partisan to rescue her sister from a Turkish brothel. Now the sister’s safe. But Diane doesn’t want to leave the Partisan.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 93pp