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Vidal D'costa
Vāsco Da Gāma, India

I'm a self published author with books up for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo in sci-fi and romance genres. I am also a content writer for lifestyle and pop culture websites like Tranqway and Bumppy media. I have also edited many college newsletters. I live and love to write and also run a Wordpress blog of my own called 'A Vidalian World'. I have also written scripts for one and two act plays, as well as scripted, directed and edited a few short films which can be viewed on Youtube. I am an aspiring screenwriter and also write and draw comics in my free time on deviantart and tapas. I am also an aspiring voice over artist, radio jockey and theatre actor and can put on American, British, Scottish and Irish accents and love reading scripts in my free time, as well as putting on plays and acting in short films for college events. I am also a trained singer and pianist.

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Scripts By Vidal

Blackmailing Satan
Satan is undercover, on his friendly weekend visit to the old age home when one of the inmates threatens to reveal his deep dark secret and ruin his reputation. A one-act play.
Short Comedy, Fantasy For sale 8pp
The Detention
Andie, an obese teen who is body-shamed by her parents and peers and Reef, a spoilt brat/druggie whom she abhores end up in detention together and form an unlikely bond.
Short Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 8pp
Back to the Fuhrer
2 inexperienced time-travellers from the 80s stand up to Hitler and Trump who seem to be hell-bent on world domination. Will they succeed? Only time will tell.
Short Comedy, History, Sci-Fi For sale 16pp
The Porcu-Man
What happens when Dr. Alice Evanston makes a major scientific breakthrough- a serum that'll help her wheelchair confined husband, Matthew to walk again....but, ends up accidentally turning him into a monster?
Short Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 11pp