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Ville Nummenpää

Ville is a screenwriter and a playwright. He has two official credits to his name, but there´s other stuff on the way. He won a prestigious stage play competition in 2017, and the play in question premiered in 2019. He just completed writing a 12-episode tv-series that shoots in summer 2019 (season two in the making). He also writes short stories and articles to various places, published occasionally. Ville resides in Finland.


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Scripts By Ville

Dead Set at Comeback
"He´s dead, but tell that to his ego". Tommy Steele is dead movie star who just won´t quit. He is too important to stay dead. This will be the comeback of a... lifetime?
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy For sale 20pp
6 readers love this script
Barry - The Lazy Superhero
Being a superhero is not what it´s cracked up to be. It sucks.
Web Series Pilot Animation, Comedy For sale 4pp
2 readers love this script
The Entertainer
When one´s life depends on entertaining. Literally.
Short Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, History Available for Free 2pp
11 readers love this script
A company sells dreams to the masses. Is that wrong or right? Which is better, a reality that sucks, or a fake one being fed to you while you´re in a coma?
Short Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 4pp
6 readers love this script
Coma - A Love Story
What it says on the tin. Ross and Rachel meet in unusual circumstances.
Short Fantasy, Romance In development 7pp
4 readers love this script
One Violence, Please
Patrick has the most unusual profession.
Short Crime, Drama Produced 4pp
9 readers love this script
Spin the Bottle
You can´t win, but you can´t stop playing.
Short Crime, Thriller Produced 12pp
3 readers love this script