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Ville is a screenwriter and a playwright. He has three official credits on IMDB (but there should be a couple more). He won a stage play competition in 2017, and the play in question premiered in 2019. His 12-episode TV-series Lasten Tasavalta (Kids' Republic) premiered in 2020. The show won a KOURA-award in 2021.

He is also a novelist, with two novels and two children's books published. Ville lives in Finland.

He is always more than happy to connect with like-minded, passionate story tellers, of which there are plenty here.


Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25%
(Dead Set at Comeback)

Scripts By Ville

Barry - The Lazy Superhero
Being a superhero is not what it´s cracked up to be. It sucks.
Web Series Pilot Animation, Comedy For sale 4pp
8 readers love this script
Dead Set at Comeback
"He's dead, but tell that to his ego". Action star Tommy Steele literally died, but still won't quit. He is too important to stay dead. Surely a ghost can make a comeback?
TV Pilot Comedy, Fantasy For sale 20pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25%
8 readers love this script
Kids Rule!
All the grown-ups were fired from politics, and now... Kids rule.
TV Pilot Adventure, Comedy, Family For sale 19pp
Invidia is a demon, who comes to our world every few years, to feed on our fear and misery. To fight this demon, you have to get creative, and it's pure madness.
Feature Action, Horror For sale 74pp
The Entertainer
When one´s life depends on entertaining. Literally.
Short Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, History Available for Free 2pp
11 readers love this script
A company sells dreams to the masses. Is that wrong or right? Which is better, a reality that sucks, or a fake one being fed to you while you´re in a coma?
Short Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 4pp
9 readers love this script
Carla and Vee - Pet Shop Girls
Violence is usually not the solution, but sometimes... A little story of empowerment in the most rotten of circumstances.
Short Crime, Drama, Thriller Available for Free 7pp
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - "Literally Genius"
An uncommissioned, unauthorized spec script for the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Separate from the canon of B99 universe. Meant to be used as a writing sample only.
Episode Comedy Example of work only 25pp
Coma - A Love Story
What it says on the tin. Ross and Rachel meet in unusual circumstances.
Short Fantasy, Romance In development 7pp
8 readers love this script
One Violence, Please
Patrick has the most unusual profession.
Short Crime, Drama Produced 4pp
9 readers love this script