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Ville Nummenpää 11 Apr 2022 2

I've known a few perfectionists in my life and, as a result, I consider myself lucky to be what I call an "eighty-percenter" - someone who can get great results fast and comfortably walk away before it gets too intense. Perfectionism is often overly romanticised and typically an incapacitating burden for those plagued by it. In this article, Ville Nummenpää makes a good argument for choosing our heroes wisely and keeping the pedal to the metal with both eyes fixed on the creative horizon - CJ

Ville Nummenpää 23 Feb 2022 3

The key to entertaining screenwriting lies in provoking a range of emotions in the audience. One of those most powerful emotions, so powerful in fact it surpasses the typical need to adhere only to beats that drive the story forward, is humour. In this article, Ville Nummenpää, a man who is far funnier than he claims he is, breaks down some of the core elements of this black art in a way that's so simple even I can understand it - CJ