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Wal Friman

Been writing for a long time and have created my own screenwriting book that I follow. I especially love underdog low-budget projects that successfully challenge the big.

A horror feature called Death Knocks, with the superb actor Jonathan Skye-O‘Brien is in pre-production.


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Scripts By Wal

A weird middle-aged man has invested his whole life to end a persistent bully, when he for the first time receives genuine support, from a student girl, who unexpectedly helps him solve absolutely everything.
Feature Comedy For sale 99pp
1 reader loves this script
Hormonal Overproduction
The Brinkmans make it a family matter that the son celebrates his sexual debut this weekend.
Feature Comedy For sale 91pp
A woman kept as a wife by her kidnapper is left in the gutter and continues on his career-criminal path to make up for the lost years spent in marriage hell.
Feature Comedy, Family For sale 96pp
Death Knocks
A man’s mother leaves a suicide-note with a threat to kill him if he remains a loser and the following day a fight against death begins when a ghost knocks on the door.
Feature Horror Available for Free 85pp
The Non Existing Loot
A creative genius of a crime gang decides to go straight, with the consequence that his partners start demanding their share of a non existing loot.
Feature Crime, Thriller Available for Free 100pp