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If you're a film maker, actor etc and you want to build a career without a budget, I have a program to help you for free.

Send me photos of a filmatic location that you have access to and also mention if your staff has specific personal strengths. I will then write a feature screenplay for 3-5 roles with hit movie potential.

Scripts By Wal

Death Knocks
A mommy’s boy must figure out why his mom left a suicide note with a death threat to save himself from her ghost.
Feature Comedy, Horror Available for Free 86pp
Hormonal Overproduction
The Brinkmans make it a family matter that their son celebrates his sexual debut this weekend.
Feature Comedy For sale 91pp
A capable young woman has a disorder, causing her to fall in love with oddballs only and must solve this or her dream job offer will slip through her fingers.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 107pp