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Warren Slingsby
Leeds, United Kingdom

I've been writing since 2013 when I published my first novel, a heist thriller called To Catch A Storm. I was inspired by a Jean-Luc Godard quote - "All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun". So with his starting point,  I took a girl, gave her a gun, plus a bag of cash, the keys to a Lambo and put a nasty gang of oligarch's thugs on her tail. It felt like watching a movie as I wrote it, except I could make the plot go where I wanted it to go. The whole thing gave me the bug, and now I escape into the worlds I write most days. 

Since then, I have written a second novel, again in the thriller genre and focusing on the murky world of stolen art. Ink, Blood and Bone is a continuation of my deep dive into the world of stolen art from my first book. This time, I created a serial killer with the darkest taste of all and sicked him on my lead character. Ink, Blood and Bone taps the vein of Se7en. If I was to adapt this to a script, it would appeal to a young audience as tattoos play a significant role in the plot. I have had interest in adapting this as a script. If you'd like to discuss, drop me a line. 

More recently, I've shifted focus to writing for the screen and written a feature-length horror film.  Reboot is my love letter to the 80's 'video nasties' and slasher films that haunted my teenage dreams. It was written specifically to be shot on a tight budget with a contained single location and small cast. 

More recently I have written a gay 'rom-com' called 'Alexander, the Gay' which flips the traditional gay coming out story on its head. The lead character couldn't give a fuck who knows that he fucks men and that men fuck him. Alexander is a gay anti-hero trapped in the closet by the powerful people around him. 

I am also adapting my first novel To Catch A Storm to a 6 part streaming series. I have the pilot down so far.

I love being busy and I try to write every day. Happy to chat about collabs, optioning and if you want further info or have questions about any of my scripts, drop me a line. 

Scripts By Warren

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