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Wayne C. Hopkins

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Wayne C. Hopkins
Bradford, United Kingdom

What makes me a unique person is that I like to dissect information, study it which comes in handy when doing research for any type of script, or even performing re-writes. 

I got into this industry because I want to entertain others, give people something to watch, and enjoy. Also, I like the process of writing. I have a curious nature and I like improving my researching skills, which allows me to make my stories better, and the characters more realistic.

So far this journey has been very therapeutic, visualizing any of the scenes in my head while writing them down, putting most of the focus on the dialogue without the character names or action or a setting, then fill in the other parts, then sort them out like a puzzle, that process seems to make the story feel better, feel authentic.

The most important impact I'd like the make is to get people of all ages, especially those with reading difficulties to read my script and get them drawn in as if they are reading a book or short story, then utilize the screenplay format as a shorter, but effective tool to improve their reading, thinking and speaking skills when simply reading the material, alone or with friends.


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Scripts By Wayne C.

A soldier dismantles a terrorist organization while caught in a Sandstorm with one of it’s leading operators.
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A male assassin is back in time to stop a nuclear strike against the U.S by killing off the masterminds long before they meet.
Feature Action, Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 103pp
A special forces soldier behind enemy lines stumbles upon a safe room which monitors the camp her team is assigned to carry out a complex mission.
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After a young woman takes lethal action against the gang that attacked her family, she faces a show-down in prison by a vengeful person that has placed the families of the prison staff in danger.
Short Crime, Drama, Thriller Available for Free 31pp
A recently retired FBI agent stumbles back into her old life when she comes across an investigation involving a video showing a crime scene of a young woman.
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