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Wilder Carnes

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Wilder Carnes
Los Angeles, United States

I'm a Drexel University Screenwriting & Playwriting graduate with working experience at NBCUniversal, Fremantle Media and MGM Studios. At Drexel, I wrote for the regional Emmy-Award winning sitcom, "Off Campus."  I've also written sketches for some late-night Philadelphia comedy clubs. I'm interested in television comedy, particularly alternative, dark comedies or anything with hints of magical realism. 

Currently, I'm developing a comedy pilot, a web series and a feature. I'm still very raw in the business but pushing to build relationships with writers, producers, directors and anyone willing to pass down some Hollywood wisdom. 


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Daughter of God
It's the second coming of Christ, except, God decides to send a daughter. The jovial architect doesn't have the stomach to decide who to save and who to leave burning in hell for eternity.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 35pp