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Papeete, French Polynesia

Iaorana.... Hi my name is Wilfred Cheng. I am originally from Tahiti.  I did all my school years in my wonderful island and had to exile myself from my paradisiacal environment to study in France because at that time universities were not yet available in Tahiti. I landed in the south of France, in Aix en Provence, where I studied law, English and Spanish literature. In the meantime, I did my military service teaching in a military high school that prepared students for Saint Cyr (a prestigious military school equivalent to West Point). I traveled a lot in Europe, then went to the US where I did an internship in Utah for my master's degree. I also moved around a lot there, passing through California and visiting it from coast to coast. I am always eager to learn about culture and meet different people. Then, by force of circumstance, I came back to Tahiti and started teaching languages in a high school. This allowed me to earn a little pocket money. What was supposed to be temporary lasted a total of 34 years. I am now finally retired. During my teaching career, I discovered a passion for film and film writing.  I took online courses in Quebec in French and then in Los Angeles in English. I ended up writing 4 films that I put online. Now that I'm free of all obligations, I can devote myself to my passion, writing.

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