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Wilfred Esteves

Puerto Rican writer currently living in Austin TX. Write comics and transitioning to tv and film. Been wanting to be a writer for years, taking a more serious step in the past 5 years. Lived in Puerto Rico, East Lansing, MI, Austin, TX, New Orleans, LA, and back to Austin.


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Scripts By Wilfred

On their way to Austin, a Mexican-American couple find sanctuary with a husband and wife harboring a dark secret after being ran off the road by racist bikers.
Short Horror For sale 10pp
The Blue Flame
After her boyfriend traded his body to a demon, a young girl must reclaim it before he passes on forever.
Short Fantasy For sale 10pp
An average man's life tragically changes after he's bitten by a hipster.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 22pp
The Flash: The Form of Man
Klarion the Witch Boy searches for the Philosopher's Stone. The only one in his way is Barry Allen, aka. The Flash!
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Example of work only 42pp
The Question - Black and Blue
The city burns as a faceless man, The Question, investigates the cause of death of a young boy at the hands of the police.
Short Crime, Film-Noir Example of work only 19pp