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wilfred Tuteamaru/cheng
Papeete, French Polynesia

Iaorana....I was born and raised in Tahiti. I graduated from the university of Aix-en-Provence (south of France) , majored in English and Spanish literature. My native language is French but I also speak fluently English, Chinese(hakka), Tahitian and Spanish. I have been an English teacher in Tahiti for several years and look forward to retiring to dedicate my spare time to my passion: Cinema and more precisely writing movies. I've made every effort over the last years to train myself in screenwriting, first of all by attending online classes in Quebec in French, then in English in the USA.  I received positive feedbacks from my teachers which were an incentive for me to pursue this path.  I've put on line four feature film scripts. My style is quite offbeat. I like things out of the ordinary. I have in mind other films and series that I plan to develop soon.

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Scripts By wilfred

O.B.E (out of body experience)
A grief- stricken man discovers the gift of teleportation and is able to talk to his dead parents. Having wind of this the CIA recruits him with secret and sinister aspirations.
Feature Drama For sale 103pp
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Rogue Gentleman
A middle level office worker unexpectedly becomes an in-demand escort, but once the founder of his company becomes a client, he slowly uncovers a criminal network.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 106pp
Papa'a (foreigner at home)
An orphaned seafarer returns to his homeland after 25 years and faces a life-altering conflict that pits his worldly ambitions against his ancestral identity.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance For sale 97pp
When two old women kill a homeless man to collect an insurance policy, they soon embark on revenge tour to rid their city of evil men and collect as much money as they can.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Romance For sale 99pp